Unit 7 – Sherlock Groans

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Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for clues!

Don't the river! (fallen) (in)
I have a nice . (Regenschirm)
He falls the tree. (aus)
I am . (zu Hause)
The . (Telefon) (klingeln, läuten, anrufen)
The bumps into a tree. (Detektiv/in)
Grey's cat is lost. (Frau; Dame)
down, . (sitzen, sich hinsetzen) (bitte)
you can me. (vielleicht) (helfen)
There's a in the forest. (Wolf)
this! (beobachten; zuschauen)
He makes a . (Lärm, Krach; Geräusch)
He her. (anrufen)
This story is . (wunderbar, wundervoll)
I have a . (Problem)
Please . (warten)
What time do you at school? (ankommen)
The wolf arrives. (schlecht, böse)
He his head. ((an)hauen, schlagen)
He home. (laufen, rennen)
The of the tree . (Zweig; Ast) (brechen)
Don't ! (springen)
She the cat . (nach Hause tragen)
This is our . (Krankenhaus)
like you. (Leute, Menschen)
I here. (leben)
I stickers. (sammeln)
All the are . (Zwerg) ((anders, andere(r, s); verschieden)
This is my . (Zimmer; Platz)
people collect garden gnomes. (viel, jede Menge)
I , Joe has a new . (denken, glauben) (Angelrute)
This game . (Spaß machen)
This dog is . (langsam)
This game is . (schwierig, schwer)
Don’t too much money on sweets and don’t too much time in front of the TV. ((ausgeben (Geld)) (verbringen (Zeit))
Come back in one , please. (Stunde)
Let's do . Play ! (etwas) (Fußball)
Time to . (aufstehen)